16 flights confirmed in Corvera

Corvera Airport will be opening its doors the next January of 2019, and it will be done with part of the flights currently offered by the San Javier Airport, the rest of flights are starting in March 2019.


The four airlines that currently operate at the San Javier airport will continue to do so in the Corvera Airport to the fifteen destinations they offer, although several of those flights will begin after the winter season, which ends at the end of March 2019.


Ryanair, the airline which currently offers the most flights with more than twenty flights per week, will continue its activity in the new Airport of Corvera the next 15th of January of 2019, actually the company is offering the tickets on its website.


The airline TUI will keep the eight weekly flights to Antwerp (Belgium), and the two airports around Brussels (Brussels and Charleroi). In addition, Jet2 will maintain its five weekly departures to Leeds and Manchester.


Easyjet will be start its activity in March of 2019 with connections to the airports of Bristol and London Gatwick and Southend.


In summary, these will be the flights:


AIRLINE                            DESTINATION

Ryanair                                Birmingham (UK)

Ryanair                                Manchester (UK)

Ryanair                                Nottingham (UK)

Ryanair                                Leeds (UK)

Ryanair                                London – Luton (UK)

Ryanair                                London- Stansted (UK)

Ryanair                                Dublín (Irland)

Ryanair                                Eindohoven (Holand) – from 31th of March

TUI                                        Antwerp (Belgium)

TUI                                        Charleroi (Belgium)

TUI                                        Brussels (Belgium)

Easyjet                                Bristol (UK) – from 25th/ 26th of March

Easyjet                                London- Gatwick (UK) – from 25th / 26th of March

Easyjet                                London- Southend (UK)- from 25th / 26th of March

Jet2                                       Leeds (UK)

Jet2                                       Manchester (UK)



Source: Murcia Diario