And now that? Tips for coping with the “hard January”

Christmas has already passed, and with it both food and economic excesses have come to an end, but even so, in the homes of Spain and the majority of the world, the biggest challenge remains the dreaded of the “hard January”.


According to a study carried out by Fintonic, people will cut from our budget up to 8% to make the “hard January” more bearable, and in the sectors that we will reduce the most will be at leisure, restoration and textile products, although the sales are already here.


So to face better this January, we leave you some very useful tips:


  • With the beginning of the year, it is a good time to renegotiate the conditions or the contracting of our energy bills, telecommunications and insurance, according to experts you could save up to 15 euros per month. It is also time to renegotiate your bank’s commissions, if you have them, and also save some money.


  • At the time of shopping, some Spanish organizations advised that we buy seasonal products, choose the supermarket well (as it can lead to up to 900 euros on average per year of savings) and distrust family offers. Another way to compare prices is to look at the price per kilo or liter, and thus know if an offer is really cheaper.


  • It is also very useful to set a budget, especially in times of sales, so you avoid compulsive purchases and you will know what money you should spend.


  • Avoid quick credits and revolving cards are another option to take into account, since this type of products and services tend to have very high interest rates.


  • Finally, a trend that every year has more followers in Spain: the re-gifting. This process consists of reselling the unwanted gifts of this Christmas, so you get rid of those gifts that you do not like and you also get extra money.


Source: Y ahora, la ‘cuesta de enero’: estos son los consejos de los expertos para recuperarte del despilfarro navideño

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