Do you want a dip?

Summer is already here, and with the arrival of this season the plans always arrive. Regardless of whether you have holidays or not, there are always a couple of days off to enjoy with family and friends. So we leave you 5 natural pools that you can enjoy without leaving the Murcia Region:


  1. The Usero’s jump – Bullas

Surely this is one of the best known places in the area, and is a good moment to visit it, if you have not visited yet. This place is located in the town of Bullas, northwest of the Region of Murcia, and it is an enclave, where due to erosion of the river Mula, has created a natural vault of great beauty.

The access to the place is simple, and it is signposted. Due to it is a natural protected area, you should leave the car at the beginning of the road, and it is forbidden to enter with pets, food and drink.


  1. The Alhárabe River – Moratalla

This river of crystal clear waters is located in the municipality of Moratalla, and along its route you can find several pools or places of bath where you can cool off.

The best access to this river is through the Camping La Puerta, since the campsite itself is in a bathing area.


  1. Thermal pool of Somogil- Moratalla

Without leaving Moratalla, we also find the thermal pool of Somogil. This small natural lake is only three kilometers from Camping La Puerta, and consists of a pool where water flows from below, at a temperature of 24º.

A tip, it suits to bathe with strong booties, since it is a place that slips enough. Otherwise, it is quite safe, since there is no water current.


  1. The pools of the Chícamo River – Macisvenda, Abanilla

The Chícamo River is a place of sublime beauty, and it is worth visiting part of its course. There is a wonderful route that leads to the pools of this river, this tour begins at Casa Cueva El Chicamo (shelter), and it is about going along the river for about 25 minutes, until you reach the pools. We assure you that the landscape is worth it.


  1. Fuente Caputa – Mula

And finally we present the Fuente Caputa, located in the municipality of Mula. It is an emulsion of water that comes from the earth, and makes a channel to reach the Mula River. During its journey it forms different natural pools so you can relax with a good dip.