5 activities with children at home

We know that the current situation is not easy for anyone, and the smallest of the house must be pulling their hair, so today, we want to leave you 5 activities that you can do with your children at home.





Cooking as a family can be a great activity, as well as being beneficial for children. It helps them get out of the rut, and you can practice reading the recipe, learning to follow directions, and reviewing measurements.

It is also a good time to learn nutrition and learn about healthy eating in children, and put recipes into practice. We recommend this page: mimenurealfooding.com 

But remember, whenever you need more information about nutrition, consult a professional.





Surely you have in some corner of your house a board game covered in dust (or not),  now is the time to take advantage of it. Board games provide hours of fun, and many times their games can be timeless.

Obviously, depending on the age of the children, you will be able to play one game or another, but there are many more fun games without the need for a board or cards, like playing THE MOVIES, a classic and really funny.





We know that Carnival is already over, but a costume party for the whole family is a great idea to spend the afternoon. Prepare your best carnival dresses or theme the party (Disney, Zoo …), prepare a good snack to gather strength, and turn on the speakers to enjoy the music.





Surely you have spent weeks and even months telling yourself that you have to put those old photos in albums, or thinking that it is time to create an online album to put all the photos from your computer. Well, the time has come! and also now you have someone to help you. Involve your children to create the digital album or to order the old photos that you have at home, surely behind each photo there is a story that your children will want to hear.





Take out your best finery, create new outfits and be the stars of your own catwalk at home. You can even let the children choose their clothes and yours too, for sure you will be fashionable.