The Casa Cuna of Sucina already has new toys

In 2011 the Casa Cuna “La Anunciación” was founded in Sucina, a place where women who are pregnant without resources or without family are welcomed, the center are not looking the origin or the religion of the women. A home where women and their children are taken in and supported so they can start a new life.


This initiative was promoted by the Vicaría del Campo de Cartagena, and its management is in charge of the Little Sisters of the Annunciation. This morning, Sister Matilde welcomed us with a smile, and we have donated to the children of this center toys that our team has rescued from her children, nephews, grandchildren…



You can also help them if you wish, on January 4 at the Paseo Colón in Santiago de la Ribera, the VI Carrera del Niño will take place. This event is organized by San Javier Team and the test is for the benefit of “Cycling against Cancer” and Casa Cuna “La Anunciación”.



Registration is now closed, but if you want to collaborate, in the event they collect toys and non-perishable food. So you know, at 10:00 a.m. on January 4 you can bring your little grain of sand.